Operational Committees

Executive Commitee

Committee Chair: Anita Atkinson

This committee services as the operational liaison between the Board of Directors and the other Foundation subcommittees. The executive committee oversees the day to day operations of the Foundation and coordinates operational efforts. Members of this committee are: President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasure, Secretary and Past President.
The executive committee serves a two year term.

Scholarship Commitee

Committee Chair: Peyton Lingle

The Scholarship Committee conducts the annual scholarship program including coordinating the opening/closing of the application period, management of the on line application process, oversight of the short listing and interviewing of scholarship candidates, development of recommendations of scholarship awards and preparation of the award presentation materials.

Events Committee

Committee Chair: Beth Harris

The Banquet Committee conducts the annual scholarship banquet including securing the banquet location; coordinating the invitation and seating process; managing the receipts from banquet ticket sales and banquet sponsorships; management of payment of banquet expenses; preparation of the annual report; and completion of banquet related communications.

Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Anita Atkinson

The Membership Committee supports the Georgia Engineering Foundation membership organizations and supports the recruitment of new organizations.

Ways and Means Committee

Committee Chair: Steve Poole

The Ways and Means Committee supports fund raising and donations for the Georgia Engineering Foundation including preparation of marketing materials and supporting of introductory presentations to tentative donors.

Publicity Committee

Committee Chair: Jack Siebert

The Publicity and Public Relations committee leads the preparation of written articles, announcements and other media materials to publicize the Georgia Engineering Foundation to the public.

Projects Committee

Committee Chair: Jim Remich

The Projects Committee oversees and coordinates GEF’s participation through monetary support and/or volunteer participation in special projects and events that are consistent with GEF’s mission to support engineering interest and STEM in Georgia.

Finance Committee

Committee Chair: Ray Wilke

The Finance Committee provides recommendations and oversight of the annual operating budget and management of the scholarship endowment funds donated to the Foundation.


Committee Chair: TBD (John Prien – Acting)

The Website Committee provides oversight and maintenance of the website, domain, and scholarship application tool for the Foundation.

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