Rob recommends Jacob Bennett

Rob (Tomlinson)

To the members of the selection committee, It is my pleasure to recommend for your consideration my former student, Jacob Bennett. I have known Jacob since August of 2021, at first, as a student in my U.S. History class, and then, as a student in my AP Macroeconomics class at East Forsyth High School. Since that time, I have come to know him as a vibrant young man who is a leader in the classroom, on our campus, and beyond. I am confident that his presence makes a valuable addition to whatever university he attends. In my classroom, Jacob consistently achieved at a level which outpaced many of his peers. Jacob is punctual and polite, and a positive influence on any learning environment which he is a part of. Communication with Jacob is always clear, appropriate, and concise; and he is not only a great self-advocate, but a thoughtful contributor to classroom discussions. He asks poignant questions which enhance the culture of the classroom and are reflective of an inquisitive mind which is eager to grow. Furthermore, Jacob has demonstrated exceptional time-management skills in balancing a successful extracurricular life with a rigorous academic course load consisting of many college-level Advanced Placement classes. Furthermore, he is an excellent communicator, and is capable of cultivating valuable relationships with peers and staff at our school; he is mature in his pursuits, and able to connect with people in fields beyond purely academic ones. Jacob was one of the founding members of the Chess Club at our school; as the sponsor of this club, I would tell you that Jacob is extremely reliable and helpful. Jacob Bennett has demonstrated the time management skills necessary to succeed in multiple arenas at the same time. He is a leader in the classroom, and in his extracurriculars; he would be a wonderful representative of the Georgia Engineering Foundation, if granted this award. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at All my best, Rob Tomlinson

Andrew Spires (

To Whom it May Concern, I had the pleasure of teaching Ethan Philpot Accelerated Pre-Calculus during the 2021-2022 school year. Ethan was an absolutely excellent student from day one. Many students, after more than a year of virtual learning, were not quite prepared for the rigor of the course in person. But Ethan excelled right out of the gate. Ethan would work with a group of three other students each day. He was the quiet one in the group. But he was always the one that would keep the group on track, and if there was ever a dispute over a problem, Ethan was always correct and would quietly, gently correct his groupmates. I can hear his peers saying “Oh, you’re right, Ethan. You’re right!” I’d look at Ethan, and he’d look at me, and we’d nod. Ethan is an excellent student, a kind and confident young citizen of the Lakeside community. I look forward to hearing from him next year as a senior, and I know he will bring nothing but pride to your institution. Sincerely,

Jennifer Tovar (

October 31, 2023 Kennesaw State University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid Georgia Engineering Foundation Scholarship To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter on behalf of Jamiel Francis. Jamiel was a student in the Engineering Mechanics: Statics course that I taught in Spring 2023. It was a pleasure to have Jamiel in my class. Over the course of the semester, I observed numerous noteworthy skills in this committed student and aspiring engineer. Jamiel was a hard worker and showed evidence of being a highly motivated individual. He turned in work on time and adjusted well to the evolving class format and assessment procedures. He was able to appropriately apply difficult concepts and build on them with increased complexity throughout the semester. Jamiel showed good communication skills when participating in class discussion and worked effectively as a team on collaborative group quizzes. His outstanding performance in this historically challenging class demonstrates an ability to grasp foundational engineering principles and to apply good problem-solving skills. I believe Jamiel has the required skills, knowledge, and attitude to be a great engineering student. Therefore, it is with no reservation that I highly recommend Jamiel Francis for the Georgia Engineering Foundation Scholarship Program. If you have any questions about this letter, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Jennifer D. Tovar, M.S.E., P.E. (inactive) Part-Time Instructor of Civil Engineering Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering SPCEET - Kennesaw State University Email:

Dalton Smith (

To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter to ask you to seriously consider Jamiel Francis for the Georgia Engineering Foundation Scholarship. Jamiel is currently in our co-op program with the Georgia Power Company where he excelled in every area in which he was given electrical engineering assignments. A quick study, Jamiel moved at a fast pace from the simplest assignments to much more complex ones that impact the safety of our system. While working with our Protection and Controls group, Jamiel was able to apply his knowledge gained at school, in the field. He acquired experience in troubleshooting, electrical theory, and work planning. It is my honor and privilege to recommend Jamiel Francis for this scholarship. I am extremely confident that you will be pleased with his initiative and optimistic attitude. Please feel free to contact me at (706)-421-4461 or should you wish to further discuss Jamiel’s qualifications. Sincerely, Dalton Smith Engineering Supervisor, P&CFS I Macon TMC 960 Key St. Macon, GA 31204 I Bin# 75012 Cell: (706)-421-4461

Nathan Dooley (

11/1/2023 To Whom It May Concern: It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Gentry Arnette for your scholarship. Gentry was a highly gifted and motivated student at Perry High School and has continued this success at the college level. I have had the pleasure of teaching Gentry in AP Macroeconomics his senior year. I am also honored to say that I have been Gentry’s Head Soccer Coach for 3 years. He is a genuine young man who excels both inside and outside the classroom. As a student, Gentry set high goals for himself and achieved great success while at Perry High School. Gentry has taken both gifted and Advanced Placement courses while in high school, as well as Dual Enrollment classes at a local college. He has worked diligently to keep a 4.0 grade point average throughout his four years and is ranked #10 in his graduating class. Gentry earned a 1520 on his SAT and was named the STAR Student for having the highest SAT score. He has been an honor roll recipient for throughout all four years of high school, is an AP Scholar, and GA Merit Scholar. Gentry has been an active member since his sophomore year in the National Honor Society and Beta Club, where he has had to complete numerous community service hours. Gentry is one of the most intelligent and hardest working students that I have had the pleasure of teaching and his achievements in the classroom come as no surprise. I have no doubt that he will excel in college and graduate with high honors there as well. Gentry’s success in the classroom should not overshadow his accomplishments outside the classroom. He has been involved in numerous extra-curricular clubs and sports in which he has achieved high honors. Gentry moved to Perry during his sophomore year and has been a vital member of the Varsity Soccer team since. He has been a starter and integral part of the team for the past three seasons. In high school soccer, he was selected as 1st Team All Region for his play in both the 2021 and 2022 seasons. For the past two seasons, Gentry has been elected as one of the team’s captains for his leadership qualities as well as his superior talent. Gentry has also helped me coach at the Middle School for the past 2 seasons and this is where I have really seen him grow. His ability to work with and encourage the younger soccer players always amazes me. He is kind and encouraging as he finds ways to motivate them to work harder. He has been an asset on my coaching staff and will greatly be missed. Gentry has also earned numerous accolades playing travel soccer outside of the high school. Gentry has played on many travel teams, indoor teams, and in 6v6 tournaments where his teams have excelled. He was chosen to be captain for his travel team this past season which is a high honor. Gentry has also been active by serving his community. Gentry is an active member of his church and has served in numerous leadership roles. He has helped with VBS and been on the Youth Leadership Team. One thing that you can always count on with Gentry is that he is always going to give his best effort in everything that he does, and these results are evidence of his hard work. Gentry was not only an outstanding student at Perry High School, but he is an exceptional young man as well. Gentry’s attitude and personality are what set him apart from most students. He is hardworking, compassionate, and determined. Gentry is highly regarded by and works well with his peers. He is a natural born leader who leads by example. I count myself fortunate, to not only have taught and coached Gentry, but to have had the opportunity to get to know him as a young man. He leaves a lasting impression on the people that he interacts with. I have no doubt that Gentry Arnette will be successful in any endeavor that he embarks on in the future. I hope you will consider Gentry and reward all his hard work. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at or 478-988-6298. Sincerely, Dr. Nathan Dooley Dr. Nathan Dooley Perry High School Social Studies Teacher & Head Men’s Soccer Coach

Nandana Weliweriya, Ph.D. (

Dear Selection Committee, I am thrilled to offer my enthusiastic endorsement for Emre Aliya as an exceptional candidate for the Georgia Engineering Foundation (GEF) Scholarship. It has been a privilege to have Emre as a student in his current freshman semester, where he is enrolled in the introductory-level Physics course, PHYS 1211 (Introductory Physics I), at the University of Georgia. Also, his research mentor. From the very beginning, Emre consistently stood out due to his exceptional problem-solving abilities and an unwavering passion for comprehending intricate physics concepts, qualities that transcend the boundaries of our classroom. Emre possesses a natural aptitude not only for grasping complex physics principles but also for effectively applying them in a wide range of problem-solving scenarios, be it completing homework assignments or excelling in midterm examinations. His consistently remarkable performance, consistently exceeding class averages, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to academic excellence, as demonstrated in the two recent exams administered in the course. Throughout the semester, Emre has been an active and engaged participant in classroom discussions, enriching the learning environment with his invaluable contributions. He consistently offers support to fellow students, displaying an empathetic and collaborative nature that makes him an exceptional team player who respects and acknowledges diverse opinions and perspectives. Emre's influence extends beyond his academic prowess. His enthusiastic approach to assignments and responsibilities reflects his genuine enthusiasm for learning and personal growth. Emre is a significant contributor to an interdisciplinary project between prominent institutions, including the UGA Physics & Astronomy Department, College of Engineering, and College of Veterinary Medicine. The project's primary focus is the development of "Scientifically Correct, Immersive, Engaging, Visually Stunning, and Modular" 3-D astronomical simulations to enhance students' understanding of fundamental astrophysical concepts. Emre's current role in this project involves analyzing 3-D Software Development Tools to identify the most suitable tools and engines for each topic of simulation development. His extensive list of engines, along with detailed notes and recommendations, highlights his thorough approach. Furthermore, he actively tests various engines, including Blender, Maya, A-Frame, Echo, Sumerian Amazon, VRTK, and Open. In the subsequent phase of the project, he will import initial simulations into various engines, conducting a comprehensive comparative analysis. This unique combination of exceptional academic performance and unparalleled organizational research experience makes Emre an ideal candidate for the Georgia Engineering Foundation (GEF) Scholarship. I have the utmost confidence that Emre Aliya is on a remarkable path to achieve outstanding accomplishments in his future endeavors. With unwavering enthusiasm, I wholeheartedly endorse his application for the Georgia Engineering Foundation (GEF) Scholarship. Emre is a gifted, empathetic, intuitive, dedicated, and astute individual whose contributions will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on all who have the privilege of collaborating with him. Sincerely, Nandana Weliweriya, Ph.D. Lecturer, Physics Education Researcher E-mail:

Patrice Fontaine-Knox (

My name is Patrice Fontaine and I have had the honor and privilege of teaching Kristy Lam for three years. Ever since she came into high school, she had a passion and drive about her that inspired others around her to do the same. Kristy was well involved in the school but still managed to be on top of her work. She is a hard worker through and through. Nothing gets in her way when she has a goal in mind. I teach AP Research, a work heavy course that may be challenging for students who cannot handle the many presentations we do in class. Not for Kristy. She powered through her assignments and was always well prepared for the challenges that came. I know Kristy is a great candidate for the Georgia Engineering Foundation scholarship. I have never seen such a dedicated learner in my years of teaching at Forest Park High School. Kristy has shown consistent effort in her studies and extracurricular activities. Every single day I would see her after school in a club meeting. She prioritized not only school but also community and leadership. I know she will get far in her future as long as she keeps up the rare drive for hard work, service, and her passions. Best, Patrice Fontaine

Berhanu Dallas (

October 5, 2023 To whom it may concern, This letter offers my complete support of Kristy Lam as she applies for the Georgia Engineering Foundation. I have known Kristy since 2021, and from the beginning, Kristy impressed me with her approach toward education, leadership within the classroom, and her ability to understand and articulate difficult concepts. In my class Kristy was an active and engaging student, who participated frequently in class and routinely supported her peers. She has a winning attitude full of drive and perseverance that goes unparalleled. She was always attentive in class and had a knack for engaging the whole class in participation, but the attribute that I admire the most about Kristy is her kindness and caring demeanor. Throughout her high school career, Kristy excelled in every field of her education and also took on multiple extracurricular activities including Earth Tomorrow, where she led an environmental justice education program that assisted this generation of lifetime environmental stewards. She also held a leadership position in the DECA club, where she aided over 70 students in entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, hospitality and management. During her 4 years at our school, she demonstrated a passion and talent not only for her future and education, but also for those students she embraced on a daily basis. I am very pleased that Kristy approached me to write this letter as I was so impressed by her achievements and her enormous potential. Kristy has my highest recommendation for this scholarship. I have no doubt that she will continue to do great things in the future and has already added value as a member of your community. She brings to your school a presence that maintains the culture of educational standards and success at the highest level. Both inside and outside of the classroom she brings great substance to your university and proved herself there in the fashion that she has done here at Forest Park, in leaving a great legacy in all of our hearts. Sincerely, Berhanu Dallas Marketing Teacher Forest Park High School

Rob Jacquette (

Dear GEF Scholarship Committee, It is a great pleasure to recommend Pinali Patel for the Georgia Engineering Foundation Scholarship. I had the pleasure of meeting Pinali as a student intern at Keck & Wood as part of our partnership with the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology Internship Program. Pinali was our first student intern as part of that program, and I must say, she has set the bar very high for the interns that follow in her footsteps! Pinali is a perceptive, smart and engaging individual with a high aptitude for math and science. What impressed me even more about her, besides those very important traits, was her ability to successfully navigate and engage in a professional engineering company at such a young age and become integrated into our culture quickly. She has proven in a very short time, that not only does she have the capability to be a fantastic engineer in our industry as she hones her craft, but that she will also be a leader in our industry. As the National Director for the ACEC GA Board and Chair of the Leadership Development Committee, I can easily say that I am excited to see what Pinali’s future holds, and I can only hope that Keck & Wood could one day have an opportunity in her field of study, so she could continue being part of our company. Pinali has my highest recommendation for the GEF Foundation Scholarship. She has demonstrated excellence in all that she puts her mind to. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions. Sincerely, Rob Jacquette, PE, PTOE Chief Operating Officer

Lindsey Gentry (

To Whom it May Concern, In all my teaching experience Gentry Arnette stands out as one of the most exemplary students I have had the opportunity to teach. Gentry is an extremely hard worker and is dedicated to the idea of excellence. He is a quick learner who excels in and out of the classroom. While Gentry was in high school, I was able to teach him Honors Precalculus and Advanced Placement Calculus. During those two years, I had the privilege to witness his enthusiasm and curiosity in the field of mathematics firsthand. I could always count on him to ask the hard questions when learning a new concept to help him make interdisciplinary connections and he is adept at finding alternative methods to solve problems taught in class. Gentry never backs down from a challenge and it is such a pleasure to see his creativity in the mathematical arena. He is a very driven young man, full of potential, and has an energy that motivates others to follow his lead. His perseverance and determination to succeed in the classroom is inspirational. From being an active member in the Beta Club and the National Honor Society in high school to competing on the programming team his freshmen year of college, Gentry has found the perfect balance between maintaining excellent academic standing and being highly involved with the rest of the student body. It speaks to Gentry’s many strengths that he can maintain his GPA while simultaneously completing rigorous coursework and participating in non-academic clubs and organizations. Teaching a student like Gentry is truly an honor and a privilege. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of a scholarship than him. Selecting Gentry as your award recipient would ensure the funding supports the education of a student who is committed to excellence and motivated to achieve in college and beyond. There is no doubt we will see exceptional scholastic achievements from Gentry Arnette. The investment in his education will yield extraordinary results. Sincerely, Lindsey Gentry, Ed. D. Math Teacher Perry High School

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