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Gregory Field (

Dear Scholarship Selection Committee: I had the pleasure of getting to know Brandon Vo three years ago as a sophomore in my AP Calculus BC course. The course includes limits, derivatives and integrals of algebraic and transcendental functions, continuity, applications of derivatives to related rates, maxima and minima, curve sketching, integration formulas, applications of the definite integral, methods of integration, graphing, and integrating in polar coordinates, infinite sequences and series, power series, vectors, and differential equations. The objectives for this course follow the College Board syllabus, preparing students for the optional Advanced Placement exam. The course also prepared Brandon for our Multivariable Calculus course last year as a junior. Brandon’s approach to my class was one of no-nonsense, although he is a fun learner. He took notes as expected and did the required homework assignments. During group work exercises, Brandon often took the lead and assigned roles followed up by checking on everyone’s progress toward the final goal. Brandon was one of the more vocal sophomores in class not being afraid to ask questions when he did not understand something. Oftentimes, he would ask the questions of his table mates who were too afraid to speak up for themselves. Through all of Brandon’s hard work he scored a 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam. Outside of class, Brandon has been extremely valuable to our school community and to me with his involvement in International Night (IN). As a sophomore, Brandon showed his leadership through our decorating process. He helped freshmen find tasks they could accomplish. He also stayed late every day to help clean up. After our COVID-altered version of International Night two years ago, we were back to planning a face-to-face version in February of 2022. Due to all the student leadership we lost over the past two years, we needed to rebuild IN leadership from scratch. Brandon was a natural selection due to the leadership he demonstrated two years prior. For last year’s International Night Committee, he helped with deciding applicants for the interview process to become a Region Head in addition to conducting some of those same interviews himself. We will rely on his experience in January as we begin the decorating process. I see an incredible amount of potential in Brandon, both from an academic standpoint and a contribution to the community standpoint. I therefore enthusiastically recommend Brandon Vo for your scholarship. Sincerely, Gregory P. Field AP Calculus BC Teacher Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology Lawrenceville, GA

Laurelyn White (

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Andrew Watson for this scholarship opportunity. I have had the privilege of supervising Andrew for several different internships at Grace Fellowship Church (Grace Snellville)--one being a senior high school internship and another being a summer college internship. Whether it be in the classroom, on the drumline, setting up for highschool church events, running a camera during the service, leading a small group, or setting up tables, Andrew always brings his best efforts and full dedication. He is organized and has a clear and articulate way of communicating. He is both hardworking and incredibly gifted. He has shown great leadership abilities when serving as the Communications Director for the Marching band, elected as the Patrol Leader for Boy Scouts, was hand selected to help serve and lead the several hundred students in Grace’s student ministry, and helping lead a summer program for refugees. But more than Andrew’s leadership abilities and many competencies, he is a person of great character. He is respectful, punctual, honest, dependable and incredibly hardworking. He quickly does whatever is asked of him with a positive attitude and genuine disposition. Andrew is both thoughtful and a deep thinker. One of my favorite qualities about Andrew, is his teachable spirit and his deep desire to continue to grow as a person. Not only that, but he is compassionate and has a desire to have a positive impact on the people and world around him. He desires to use his gifts to help empower the underserved and overlooked. He is quick to give of his time and energy to serve and bless others. He has shown this in many ways. Throughout high school, he made a weekly commitment to disciple and mentor middle school boys as he has a passion to pour into the next generation. More recently, he has engaged in programs to help support refugees in Clarkston, GA. And I know wherever life takes Andrew, he will continue to do just that. He will continue to seek to grow not only as an individual, but strive to impact those around him. His high level of engagement and thoughtfulness, will inspire whoever he meets. His servant-leadership will no doubt be a great value to your community. It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Andrew Watson to receive this scholarship. Please feel free to contact me at 864-650-2235 should you like to discuss Andrew’s competencies and character further. I’d be happy to expand on my recommendation. Best wishes, Laurelyn White

Natalie Horne (

To Whom It May Concern, It is with great pleasure that I recommend Rudra Patel to you for your scholarship. Rudra is an outstanding young man who demonstrated great academic ability while a student at Seminole County Middle/High School. His parents have instilled in him the desire and need to succeed in whatever he elects to do. I can assure the selection committee that Rudra will take advantage of this opportunity to continue with his educational endeavors. He is the type of student who sets life goals and works toward them. He served as president of the Student Council his senior year and was involved in numerous school projects, clubs, and organizations as a high school student while maintaining excellent grades. Rudra would be an excellent recipient of your scholarship and I have absolutely no reservations in recommending him. If you have any questions about Rudra, please feel free to contact me at 229-524-5135 or Regards, Natalie H. Horne, School Counselor

Eric C. Freeman (

Members of the Selection Committee for the Georgia Engineering Foundation Scholarships: I am writing to enthusiastically recommend Braydon Segars for selection for a Georgia Engineering Foundation Scholarship. I have served as both his professor as well as research advisor since Spring 2021 and I am able to comment on his academic promise and ability to conduct engineering research. Braydon has taken two classes with me – Solid Mechanics (MCHE4380) and Finite Element Analysis (ENGR6350, ongoing). Both of these classes are upper-level electives, and require students to tackle complex programming assignments and problems that do not have single well-defined answers. These require mathematical expertise, rigor, and familiarity with the underlying mechanics. Braydon has done quite well in both classes to date, and maintained a GPA of 3.5 in his undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia. He has shown an aptitude for programming, an ability to quickly comprehend advanced topics, and a diligence in his studies. Braydon joined my lab first as an undergraduate research assistant in Spring 2022, then as a graduate student in the following semester. His research project involves studying the mechanics of lipid membranes through electrophysiology and microscopy. Neither of these topics are typically taught in a mechanical engineering curriculum; however I am happy to report that Braydon has done quite well. He pays attention to detail, produces high quality results that I have included in our annual reports, and is preparing a preliminary manuscript based on his research. I have mentored over five MS students since joining the University of Georgia, and Braydon has so far surpassed each one of them. Given his ability to quickly develop new skills, comfort with solving complex problems, and academic potential, I expect Braydon will be an excellent asset for the state as an engineering researcher. I enthusiastically recommend him for selection for the scholarship, and look forward to working with him over the next two years. Sincerely, Eric Freeman Associate Professor College of Engineering University of Georgia

Donna Lepine (

I would like to tell you what an awesome person Andrew Watson is. I have known him for 5 years. He was a part of the marching band when I was a chaperone. He is a genuine person whom cares for others. He is a very good student and works hard to do his best in class. I know you will benefit having him in your program and he will benefit I as well.

Eric C. Freeman (

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to recommend Daniel Hossack for a Georgia Engineering Foundation scholarship. I am an associate professor in the College of Engineering at the University of Georgia, and serve as the PI for the Biomembranes Engineering Laboratory. I’ve worked with many undergraduate trainees in the laboratory over the past 8 years, and I’m happy to report that Daniel has been an outstanding student relative to his peers with a great deal of promise in engineering research. Daniel first contacted me in the fall of 2020 looking for research opportunities. At the time, I was not accepting new in-person students into the laboratory given the pandemic. However, we decided to settle on a literature review of a topic of his choice, involving nanoparticle-based therapeutics. We met weekly over Zoom to discuss topics such as review manuscripts, digging into the literature, and proper management of sources. Based on his proposed abstract, Daniel was awarded a competitive CURO (Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities) assistantship for his proposed literature review in the spring of 2021, and was invited to review his findings in an oral presentation to the University community. Daniel was able to present and defend his findings to a broad interdisciplinary audience and deftly answered questions afterwards. After that semester, we began looking into additional in-person research opportunities. We recently began a research endeavor in my laboratory where Daniel will investigate the influence of nitric oxide on the permeability of a model mammalian lipid membrane through tracking osmotic flux across a droplet interface bilayer. We are now in the fifth week of the program, and I am happy to report that Daniel is self-sufficient in the research. He has shown an aptitude for mathematics and analysis, the ability to conduct independent literature review, and the ability to trouble-shoot his techniques and protocols. Furthermore, he is always punctual for our meetings, comes prepared with questions and insights, and shows a genuine enthusiasm for the project. He has since been awarded another CURO assistantship for the fall semester. I strongly recommend Daniel for the scholarship. I believe he will be an excellent engineer and has shown considerable promise during his time with us. I look forward to continuing to work with him this semester, and am happy to answer any questions you may have. Sincerely, Eric Freeman Associate Professor College of Engineering University of Georgia

Brian Boggs (

To whom it concerns, I am writing to day to express my support for Brandon Vo. Brandon interned under my supervision for 9 months, during which time his personal growth as a young business professional was spectacular to witness. He was able to adapt to all situations that he was thrown into. During his time with us he worked hard to create exhibits focusing on local history and used his knowledge of online databases and software's to make history more accessible to the public. During his internship, he was utmost professional in making sure he accomplished projects as expected and on time. He would often go beyond what was expected to make sure he got the most out of his experience with us. He wish every intern was as professional and hardworking as Brandon. Brandon was a valued member of the Interpretive Resources team at Gwinnett County Community Services, and we expect him to go on and do great things within whatever community he represents. Thanks for your consideration, Brian Boggs, CPRP | Program Supervisor Department of Community Services | Gwinnett County Government 770.822.8932 | 75 Langley Dr, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

Monte Harpe (

Hello, I have known Brandon Vo for over two years. Brandon worked as a lifeguard at the Collins Hill Aquatic Center, where I was the supervisor. I also interviewed him in July 2020, getting to know him and how he was as a worker. He started working in August of 2020, working only weekends while he focused on schoolwork during the week. During the summer seasons, his work schedule expanded to include weekdays, and he divided his attention between work and volunteering for a local swim team. Brandon was a hardworking, dedicated, and diligent worker. During the school year, while he only worked weekends, he brought his full attention to every shift. Whenever he was on stand, he was proactively watching the water, making sure the patrons were swimming in a safe manner. However, during the school year, whenever he got the chance, he would pick up weekday shifts from coworkers who needed them taken. Even though he would only be scheduled during the weekends, he tried to help his coworkers whenever needed. Furthermore, after a year of working, Brandon took a class to receive a Lifeguard Instructor (LGI) certification, allowing him to instruct and train prospective lifeguards. After spending some time taking an LGI certification course, Brandon passed a written exam and a graded mock lesson. He has done so on two occasions, shadowing more experienced LGIs to learn the specifics of teaching and directly helping during certain sections. Brandon worked hard while at work, but his commitment to his schoolwork was his primary focus. His dedication to his schoolwork should demonstrate his desire to put school above anything else, and he is willing to work in a manner that allows him to give his all on the clock and in school. For these reasons, I recommend Brandon as a recipient of this scholarship, and I feel that he would make great use of the scholarship during his time in college. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Monte’ J. Harpe Program Supervisor, Collins Hill Park Aquatic Center Gwinnett County Parks and Recreations

Linda Minor (

Clara You is one of the most well-rounded versatile students to have passed through my Flight Operations Pathway classroom. She strives at all times to be the best version of herself. Clara is one of those students that is a silent force with which to be reckoned. She is there for her classmates when they need her all the while maintaining excellent standards for herself. She maintained a 99% average in one of the most rigorous pathways the state of Georgia offers, the Flight Operations Pathway. In addition to her pathway studies, Clara took on the tasks of a Maxwell High School of Technology student ambassador. In this role she spent hours away from the classroom setting promoting the CTE pathways at Maxwell. She participated in SkillsUSA at all levels winning the bronze medal at the SkillsUSA State Leadership Skills Conference. Her winning Career Profile Portfolio detailed the career of an electrical engineer. Her efforts on the project lead her to contacts at Delta Tech OPS where being the self-starter that she is, Clara job shadowed an avionics engineer. Clara is always finding venues to explore her desire to become an engineer. Clara shows her versatility in her varied work experience working with not only administrative duties with senior citizens, but also in the field of aviation as a dispatcher at the local flight school. Clara worked on the Gwinnett County Public School team to adopt the new standards for the high school meteorology course. More than one county administrator remarked on her extraordinary performance in that role. She is a giver, knowing the importance of giving back to the community in her various community service projects. All the things that make Clara so special, caused me as her teacher to take notice. As a member of a extremely competitive Flight Operations Pathway class, Clara was awarded the honor of CTE Student of the Year for 2022. I highly recommend Clara for this scholarship. Clara is a remarkable young woman. She will make an excellent engineer and use her skills to contribute to this world making it a better place for all of us.

John Brocato (

597 D.W. Brooks Drive Athens, GA 30602 September 28, 2022 To the Georgia Engineering Foundation: I am happy to write an enthusiastic reference letter supporting Ria Champaneri’s application for the Georgia Engineering Foundation Scholarship. I know Ria through her participation in the course ENGR 1920 Introduction to Engineering for Chemical, Materials, and Biomedical Engineering. Via her outstanding work in this course thus far, I can say that Ria is an excellent prospective recipient of your scholarship. Our Intro course endeavors to provide the broadest possible look at the field of bioengineering and many of the subfields within: biomanufacturing, biomaterials, bioenergy and sustainability, next-gen therapeutics, and so on. However, we also spend significant time on other issues just as critical, such as engineering communication; engineering ethics; teamwork, diversity, equity, and inclusion; global engineering and study abroad; co-ops and internships; and student professional societies. I mention all this to illustrate that Ria, while at the University of Georgia, is receiving a first-rate introduction to the broad field of bioengineering. Importantly, of course, Ria is doing excellent work while in my class. Each section has 60-80 students, so it’s easy for students to hide and disengage in such a setting. Ria, however, participates regularly, asking pertinent questions and responding to discussion prompts. She has also completed her work consistently and thoroughly (which can be rare in a large class of first-year students). The most significant assignment in my course is the Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP), a culminating paper requiring students to plot out their college careers and beyond with an eye toward goals, self-assessment, engineering projects/research of interest, co-curricular activities, and more. Because this assignment comes later in the semester, Ria has not completed her IPDP yet. However, my discussions with her along with a look at her résumé tell me that she is well poised to construct a very solid IPDP and eventual career. Her current scholarship awards and her exceptional high-school GPA indicate her superb academic aptitude. Her work as a pharmaceutical technician has given her real-world biomedical experience, while her tutoring experience has provided a wealth of practice educating fellow students, working with struggling learners, coordinating tutoring-center documentation, and managing work-life balance. She has plenty of service-related experience and has, even during her first year, become active in important professional societies like the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the Society of Women Engineers. Finally, Ria’s fluency in three languages makes her incredibly valuable as a working engineer in an increasingly global industry. I have absolutely no doubt that any assistance we can provide for her budding career will pay guaranteed dividends to human society in the coming years. It is my pleasure to recommend Ria Champaneri without reservation for the Georgia Engineering Foundation Scholarship. If I can help further with her application process, please let me know. Thank you, John Brocato Technical Communication Lecturer School of Chemical, Materials, and Biomedical Engineering College of Engineering University of Georgia Fellow, American Society for Engineering Education 706.542.6619

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