American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers
Atlanta Chapter

George B. Hightower Memorial Scholarship

American society of heating

ASHRAE is an international membership organization for the purpose of advancing the arts and science of heating, refrigeration and ventilation, the allied arts and sciences, and the related human factors.  Founded in 1954, ASHRAE sponsors research, develops standards for the industry, publishes technical and scientific data, and sponsors conferences and other educational activities in its professional area.  The Atlanta Chapter of ASHRAE has funded the George B. Hightower Scholarship through the GEF since 1985.  Mr. Hightower was a long time active member as a Fellow of ASHRAE and a GEF Past President and Medal of Honor recipient.  The scholarship is targeted to a student active in the ASHRAE and who has shown an interest in the heating, refrigeration and ventilation industry.

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