GeoRay, Inc./ASCE Scholarship

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GeoRay, Inc. provides engineering, surveying and consulting services for civil engineering and infrastructure projects. Their professionals have served a broad mix of clients in the private and public sectors, including: owners, engineers, architects, developers, contractors, local government, construction managers, and program managers.   Their knowledge of local development regulations, stormwater management, state erosion control laws and Georgia’s NPDES General Permit requirements is well respected by GeoRay’s clients.

Americal Soiciety of Civil Engineers (ASCE) members come from all disciplines of civil engineering, from all types of backgrounds, and from all corners of the world. With benefits geared to meet the high standards of the profession and keep its members on the cutting edge of industry technology, ASCE satisfies the needs of its members at every stage of their career.

The funds for the GeoRay, Inc./ASCE Scholarship are provided jointly by GeoRay, Inc. and the Georgia Section of ASCE.

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