George W. Bankston Memorial Fund

The George W. Bankston Memorial Scholarship was endowed by Mrs. Johnnymae Bankston Sampson in memory of her husband, Mr. George Bankston who was a 1951 Georgia Institute of Technology graduate. Following his high school graduation as an honor student from Macon, Georgia, he enlisted in the Army Air Corp. He served with honor at home and abroad during World War II. After the war, he enrolled and graduated with honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Chemical Engineering. He was employed by Dow Chemical Company at its’ Freeport, Texas facility. At Dow, he participated in the design of processing and manufacturing equipment for numerous chemicals. Later his expertise was directed toward marine transportation storage and handling of chemicals.  A registered Professional Engineer, George was active in his church and community.  Mr. Bankston died in 1991, and Johnnymae Bankston Sampson died in 2002.

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