Online Application
The 2017 Scholarship Application Period has not opened. GEF is undertaking a rebuild of our website and online Application Process. We expect to re-open the website and begin taking applications for the 2017 scholarships no later than June 15, 2017. Please check website for status or call 404-537-1415 if you have questions.

Annual Awards range from $1,000 to $5,000 per scholarship, and up to 50 awards may be provided each year!

Georgia Engineering Foundation is pleased to offer scholarships to college freshman, upperclassmen, and graduate students who are residents of GA* and attending eligible engineering and engineering technology programs.**  Eligible programs include current ABET-accredited undergraduate programs in engineering and engineering technology, and accredited graduate programs in engineering. See below for a link to frequently asked questions. ***

*Please note: you must be a resident of GA, but it is not necessary for the school in which you are attending to be located in GA.

**Click HERE to ensure school AND program you are pursuing is ABET-accredited.

***Click HERE for Frequently Asked Questions.

****Click HERE to access Release Statement.

Application A - Freshmen for the 2016/2017 school year

Application B - Upperclassmen/ Graduate Students for 2016/2017

Tips to complete the application: NOTE: THE CURRENT ONLINE APPLICATION PROCESS DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO "SAVE" YOUR APPLICATION AND RETURN TO COMPLETE/EDIT BEFORE SUBMISSION. The application is forwarded to the scholarship selection committee upon submittal. Therefore, previous applicants have suggested the following tips to assist you completing the application process.

1. Print out the form or save into a word processing program as a draft to help collect and organize the information you need prior to submittal.

2. You are required to complete all questions on the online application before you can submit.

Text boxes will expand to accommodate the text as needed. Please make sure to use punctuation to separate content for reviewers. Please do not use bullets, arrows or other "special" characters within your text as these can be misinterpreted by the online application software and could result in loss of information. 

3. A complete application includes providing additional materials in addition to the application. While the application and additional materials can be submitted in hard copy by mail to the Georgia Engineering Foundation, we encourage all applicants to utilize the online submittal process. This process allows for the uploading of the required additional materials with the application and avoids the potential that application materials could become separated or lost.

To take advantage of the online application process, please prepare the electronic files before initiating the application so that they can be uploaded along with your application. AGAIN, YOU CANNOT SAVE AND RETURN TO THE APPLICATION. THE APPLICATION FORM AND ADDITIONAL MATERIALS MUST BE SUBMITTED AT THE SAME TIME. Below is a listing of the additional materials that are required to be submitted:

A. All candidates must submit a photo. This can be a casual photo in jpg format and can be electronically uploaded in the application.    

B. All applicants are required to submit a transcript. Incoming freshman should submit a scanned version of their official high school transcript. Upper classman and graduate students can provide an unofficial transcript with their initial application. If shortlisted for a scholarship, upper classman and graduate applicants will be asked to bring a copy of their most recent official transcript with them to the interview.   

C. Entering freshmen should note that SAT scores are required to be indentified as part of the application. Confirmation of the SAT score results may be included in your high school transcript, but if not included there, the scores must be uploaded as an additional material submission. If scores are not provided on your high school transcript, please upload a PDF or scanned copy of the scores you received from your school or the testing agency. Scores will be verified prior to awards. Should you have any questions regarding SAT scores, contact info@gef.org

D. Incoming freshmen are also required to provide three letters of reference. Referrals can be uploaded via the electronic application or mailed to Georgia Engineering Foundation in a sealed envelope with a return name (and address, if desired) and the candidate's name on it. If uploaded, the reference letter should be provided on letterhead and include a handwritten signature and return contact information. See the Frequently Asked Questions page for more guidance on providing references.

WHEN COMPLETED, REVIEW THE APPLICATION PRIOR TO SUBMITTING! If a mistake is discovered after the application is electronically submitted, a new application can be submitted following the same online process. Note that if multiple applications are received, Georgia Engineering Foundation will consider the initial applications superseded and will only consider the last application received.

Upon submittal, the applicant will receive an email confirming the successful submission of their application.